More Accessories
This magical tool, the Auto Reed Hook, is a weaver's dream come true. It actually advances automatically across the reed, moving from dent to dent by itself. From Schacht.
We stock stainless steel Reeds in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, & 20 dents per inch. Stock lengths are 16", 23", 45", and 58". Other lengths or metric sizes can be ordered at the rate shown on the price list.

We use and stock only Texsolv polyester Heddles, from 7" to 21". For measuring Texsolv heddle length accurately, please go to No.1 of the FAQ section.

Reed Hooks are the Schacht 7" or the Texsolv plastic hook.

We make our Raddle with 1" spacing. It's designed to be tied to a loom's back or breast beam. The Cap snaps down to keep your warp in place.
Our Rag, Ski, and Flat Shuttles, in various lengths, are all made of polished birch.
We stock Schacht Boat Shuttles and Bobbins. Shown here are the regular (11" long), the 13", and the 15". The three bobbin sizes are 4" for the slim line and regular, 5" for the 13", and 6" for the 15".
For perfect selvedges, nothing beats an End Delivery Shuttle. Instead of yarn being pulled off a spinning bobbin that keeps on spinning after you catch the shuttle, yarn is pulled off the end of a stationary Pirn.
Our mostly wood Woolhouse Tools Bobbin Winder has a gearing advantage of about 7:1. The Bobbin Winder's shaft, made of stainless steel, can be adjusted to fit any bobbin by winding a few turns of masking tape to the heel of the shaft.
To eliminate the hour glass from your new web and save outside warps from breaking, a good Temple is mandatory.