Weaving Tools and Accessories
Nature Loom
Our unique Nature Loom makes placemats, wall hangings, runners. Use any coarse grass, bamboo, twisted eelgrass. Perfect for kids on their own, kids with grandparents. Ideal for summer cottage, camp crafts, home schoolers, for anyone having fun with natural weaving. Comprehensive no-cuss instructions included.

At 16" wide, a minimum width to weave is 16", but, depending on how stiff the weft material is, articles a lot wider can be woven.

Nature Loom with a bullrush mat on the way. Note the pebbles as weights for the warp strings.
Our Inkle Loom makes bands to 72" long.

The loom's moveable tension bar is especially strong. The tension bar will not bend back under warp tension pressure. A large knobly knob securing the tension bar makes warp advancing easy.

Supplied with a 6" knife edged shuttle.

AirLoom, weaving mode.
AirLoom, flat fold.
Air-Loom, quick fold.
Designed especially for carrying by air, our 8 shaft AirLoom folds flat to a mere 8" x 14.5" x 22" and weighs a scant 14.7 lbs. Yet in weaving mode it has a very practical 10" max. weaveable width and a full 24" front to rear warp depth and the same generous shed as all our other table looms.

Warp controls are where they're easiest to use--outside the loom. The top of the loom key action is smooth because all shaft suspending cords run over pulleys; they're never dragged through eyes.

The heddles are Texsolv polyester--kind to warps, easy to thread, and every heddle can be inserted mid-way in a warp if a warping mistake has been made. We supply the AirLoom with 200 heddles, 25 per shaft.

An alternative folding mode--the quick fold--is great for leaning the loom against a wall when the loom is not in use, or for quick folding when space is not an issue. Both flat and quick folds can be performed when the loom is warped.

In addition to the 200 heddles supplied, we supply the AirLoom with a pair of lease sticks, a reed hook, and one reed (6, 8, 10, 12, or 15 d.p.i.). Optional accessories are a raddle with cap (1" sections), warping sticks (16 stick bundles), and a 10" extension for weaving with non-stretch warps such as linen. The extension slides into the loom when the loom is folded.

The Schacht 9" shuttle is a natural partner for the AirLoom.

Here's the AirLoom in a middle-sized suitcase, ready to go anywhere. This suitcase is 25" x 17" x 8". There's plenty of leftover space in and around the AirLoom in the suitcase for all the other things needed for a weaver's trip.
Mimi, 8s with Overhead Beater
Mimi, 8 shaft
Our 12" Extension for Table Loom back beams
Mimi, 4 shafts, with our Folding Stand
Designed for lightness and portability, our Mimi and Julie table looms, both 16" weaveable width, are complete weaver's tools. Both looms have graded length shaft control keys so fingers can easily identify which keys to lift or return. Warp control pawls and ratchets are outside where the weaver can easily reach them. Double pawls allow 36 stops per beam turn,both front and back. Changing sheds is an extraordinarily smooth action because cords run over pulleys, never dragged over rods or around eyelets. Both looms fold easily , with or without a warp in place, whether the fold is a flat fold or a standing fold--see illustrations below. All metal parts are stainless steel or rust resistant. White rubber feet protect table tops.

The Mimi 4s weighs 14 lb., the 8s, 16 lb. Mimi's overall width is 22.5". The overall height in weaving mode is 17", the overall depth, 26". We supply both Mimis with 400 7" heddles, a pair of lease sticks, two 12" flat shuttles, and a reed hook. The optional stand takes the breat beam height to 31', a convenient height for weaving when sitting on an ordinary side chair.

Julie flat folded
Julie, 16 shafts
Quickshed, shown on a Mimi 8s loom
Finding the right shaft key is easy with Quickshed, a tie-up option unique to our Mimi and Julie looms. The device ties shaft combinations together for easy identifying. Any key can also be used independently of the device.

A sample of one Quickshed tie-up is shown in the picture above to the right, a detail from a Mimi 8 shaft loom. In the picture, shafts 1, 3, 5, and 7 are 'tied-up'. They have been pulled up by the toggle and are ready to be pushed all the way over. The Quickshed kit for the Mimi 8s loom comes with 8 such tie-up possibilities. The kit for the Julie comes with 12.

Kits for the Mimi include 8 small eyes, an 8 eye bar and screws for attaching it, 8 Texsolv pegs, 8 toggles, 24 lengths of cord, and full no-cuss instructions. We supply the Julie Quickshed kit with 16 small eyes, a 16 eye bar (with screws), 12 Texsolv pegs, 12 toggles, 36 lengths of cord, and instructions.

Mimi 8s, standing fold
Mimi comes in 4 or 8 shafts and Julie, 16 shafts. Julie's rear shafts yield the same good shed as the front shafts. We supply both looms with a pair of lease sticks, 2 flat shuttles, a reed hook, and one reed (4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, or 20 d.p.i.).

The Julie 16s loom weighs 28 lb. The overall width, like Mimi, is 22.5". Julie's overall front to rear depth is 33", her height when flat folded, 10". We supply Julie with 800 8" heddles (50 per shaft), a pair of lease sticks, two 12" flat shuttles, and a long reed hook.

With the Overhead Beater, the reed hits the fell line at 900 to the warp. This feature is of particular interest when weaving transperancies or when heavy beating is required.

Unforgiving or tight warps are difficult with table looms because table looms don't have much front to rear depth. Our 12" Back Beam Extension eliminates that difficulty.

Fold Mim and Julie looms in two ways, a standing fold as shown above with a Mimi 8s loom or fold as a flat fold, as shown with Julie above right.

Carolyn 12 shafts, with overhead beater option
Carolyn, 8 shafts
Our Carolyn and Margaret table looms, all models 23" weaveable, show delightfully smooth action because all cords run over pulleys--never dragged over rods or through eyes. White rubber feet protect table tops. Shaft control keys and warp and cloth winding controls are where they're easiest to reach--front and center and out in the open. Double pawls, back and front, make 36 stops per beam turn.

Margaret's shafts 9 through 16 or 24 open sheds as fully as shaft 8, the same shed opening on our Mimi and Carolyn looms, a shed more than adequate for most boat shuttles. Three beater positions allow optimum beater placing. An optional overhead beater option beats your fell line at 900.

Carolyn and Margaret looms are supplied with a pair of lease sticks, two flat shuttles, one reed - 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, or 20 d.p.i., 400 7" heddles for the Carolyn 4s and 8s, 600 7" for the Carolyn 12s, 800 10.5" for the Margaret 16s, and 1200 10.5" for the Margaret 24s.

All Carolyn and Margaret looms have an overall width of 30". Weaving mode overall height for Carolyn looms is 25", for Margaret looms, 27". The front to rear depth for Carolyn looms is 29", for Margaret, 40".

The Carolyn 4s loom weighs 21.5 lb., the Carolyn 8s loom, 27.5 lb., the Carolyn 12s loom, 33.5 lb., the Margaret 16s, 45 lb., and the Margaret 24s, 55 lb.

Margaret, 16 shafts
Margaret, 24 shafts, top front

WhichOne places each repeat of a draft to within easy and quick eye-range of the loom keys. After having set up the bars in accordance with the draft, pull keys as peg positions dictate. Weave the pick. Pull out the bottom bar and drop it on top. The next pick keys are shown right there.

No re-focusing on a complicated draft. No memory loss between seeing what you need and putting fingers to keys.

Supplied with bars, anchor pegs, and a bar holder for repeats up to 16 picks long. Easily mounts on any Carolyn or Margaret loom.

A handsome, handy Table Loom Bench. The 9" x 20" seat hinges up to open a convenient storage box. The seat height is adjustable in 1" increments from 14" to 22". One of our table looms on its stand with table loom bench in front make a pretty package.
Two eight shaft Mimis, one fitted with a Second Warp Beam and the other with a Sectional Warp Beam.

The second warp beam--on the left--allows a weaver to weave with two warps of different stretching capacity and is used for weaving seersucker and pique fabrics. For several years we've been drilling second warp beam pilot holes for these brackets in the rear posts of all our Mimi, Julie, Carolyn, and Margaret looms. To these brackets the second warp beam assembly attaches with wing screws. The second warp beam, leaving the brackets in place, is easily removeable. Looms can be folded with the second warp beam attached.

Especially handy when dressing a loom alone, the sectional warp beam on the left reduces any warp width to inch sections. One inch sections are immeasurably easier to deal with than full width warps. The kit consists of four wooden bars with inserted steel pins separating the 1" sections. The bars screw directly to the standard warp beam supplied with the loom.

Mounted on the pictured loom's back beam are, in the near distance, a tension box and, further, a sectional guide.

An important matter when winding on each section is that their tensions are equal. That's what a tension box does. It guarantees that warps wound onto each section are all the same tension. The tension box shown here is scaled and priced to table loom dimensions. The tension box also has a built-in guide for the one inch wide yarn bouts.

For weavers who already own a tension box, the sectional guide only is necessary. Larger tension boxes are too big to attach to the back beam of a table loom. They can be mounted elsewhere--perhaps to the loom's breast beam (with the addition of a block or two to make it fit)--and then the one inch yarn bout is lead through the guide onto the sectional beam.

Loom with Second Warp Beam
Loom with Sectional Warp Beam
Tableloom tension box
Tableloom Sectional Guide