Our Spool Rack for sectional warping can carry up to 72 spools (also sold separately), all easily added or removed in pairs. The rack folds flat, and can be hung on a wall when not in use.
For pulling yarn off cones, a Cone Rack is essential. Our rack carries from 5 small to 3 large cones. The pegs are easily removeable. The rack collapses for storage.
Our table top Warping Reel has a 2 yard circumference. It can carry a maximum warp length of about 20 yards, depending on how thick the warp thread and how many threads in the bout.

The peg bars can be easily moved up or down in any quadrant.

To the reel's right is an end view picture of the reel folded.

The reel's height is 32".

For larger projects, our 3 yard circumference Warping Reel has huge capacity.

For storage, the reel's 2 feet are easily removeable. The reel folds as flat as the table top 2 yard reel above.

Our Warping Frame is 1 yard across, its maximum warp length: 14 yards. The frame has holes drilled for hanging the frame on a wall.

A Schacht Warping Paddle--10 holes, 10 slots--leans against the warping frame.