Making & Preparing Yarns
For superior preparation of fibers for handspinners by untangling, blending, mixing, aerating, and removing foreign matter. Handcarders from Ashford. 72 t.p.i.
The Woolhouse Tools Flicker has 75 teeth per inch, suitable for normal flicking.
Ashford Traditional
Ashford Traveller
Louet s15
We stock the Ashford Traditional the Ashford Traveller, and the Louet s15.

The Ashford Spinning Wheels are flyer lead (scotch tension) with separate adjustments for drive band and bobbin brakes. The Ashford Traditional's ratios are 6.5, 12.5, and 17.5:1. Its weight is 17.5 lbs. The Ashford Traveller's ratios are 5.5, 10, & 14:1. Its weight is 15 lbs.

The Louet s15 ratios are 5.5, 7.5, & 10.5:1. Its weight is 17 lbs. For exceptionally easy mechanical action both the Louet's big drive wheel bearing and footman to drive wheel bearing are long life sealed ball bearings .

Our Skein Winder makes a 55" skein. It clamps to a table edge. Its handle swivels on its own axle.
The Woolhouse Tools ball winder--the original wooden ball winder--makes center pull balls up to 6" in diameter. Two built-in clamps allow the winder to be clamped to tables up to 1 1/2" thick. Four bearings are industrial sintered bronze bushings for smooth running and long life. We slightly taper the central core on which balls are wound so you can easily remove finished balls.

We ship every winder with a proof test ball.

We build every winder of solid birch and finish them with natural linseed oil. The bases's rounded ends add a graceful note to a beautifully working machine.

We designed the winder for many years of home and hobby use. Because the winder is so much fun to use, people have been known to make every available piece of string or yarn into balls. Overall dimensions are 13" high, 5" wide, and 15" long.

Ball winder with six inch ball weighing 300 grams (10.5oz.).
Ball winder showing ball core taper.
Our wooden Umbrella Swift can handle skeins from 12" to 72". Made of polished birch, the only non-wood parts are brass rivets for the cross-sticks, waxed cord for stick ends, and steel wire at the spools.

We've gone an extra step: where the handle screws through the base we make a wooden insert at the right grain so the wooden thread will have a long, trouble free life.

The swift can be clamped vertically or horizontally.

Knitters, especially, link the ball winder and the swift for transforming skeins into center pull balls.