Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I calculate the 20+ cost?

Multiply the number of shafts on your loom by the number of treadles. Multiply that number by the per tie-up charge. Add the base charge. For example, an 8 shaft, 10 treadle loom would be:

$280 base charge + (8 shafts X 10 treadles X $3.85) + PST + 10% shipping (all) + GST or HST (all Canadians). For a quote, write to Woolhouse Tools with your loom's particulars. USA customers add no taxes.

To the 20+ charge of $588 add the shipping charge of 8% of the $588 if a Canadian address, 10% if a USA address. To elsewhere, we'll add the actual shipping cost, which to a European address, would be about $120.

Canadians must add GST or HST (and PST if in BC). Americans add nothing further. Europeans and others must add tariff charges. The tariff number used here for 20+ is HS8448.39.

2. How do I measure Texsolv heddles?

To measure the Texsolv heddle length on a loom, measure the distance from the top of the upper heddle carrying bar to the bottom of the lower heddle carrying bar. Add twice the thickness of the bars.

To measure a Texsolv heddle free of constraint, lay the heddle on a table and measure the length from knot to knot. Ignore the end loops.

Do not try to measure heddle length while heddles are bundled.

For accurate measuring, stretch the measured heddle between two pins stuck into a piece of styrofoam.

3. What weavers' conventions do you attend?

We no longer attend conferences.

4. Where are dealers stocking Woolhouse Tools?

There are none. We sell directly only.

5. Do you sell wholesale?

We wholesale only Texsolv items only to bona fide businesses, and only in Canada.

6. Do you do custom work?

No, we don't. We sell only what we list in our website - and that keeps us sufficiently busy!

7. Do you offer discounts for volume sales?


8. Do table loom springs wear out?

No, our stainless steel table springs do not wear out. They can, however, be overstretched and not able to return to their original closed loop form. The consequence is a ragged and soft lower half of shed.

9. Where can I buy table loom springs?

The springs were custom made for our table looms.

10. Do you have separate instructions for your Ball Winder?

Yes, here's a text version of the instructions supplied with our Ball Winder.

Ball Winder Instructions - Click Here