Parts + Prices

Ball winder drive belts, each $13.50
Ball winder tires, each $13.50
($25.00 for two of belts or tires, any combination.
Price includes taxes and postage.
Table loom springs, each $3.80
($3.00 each for 16 or more.)
Table loom steel hook and pin pairs, each pair $4.50
($4.00/pair for 8 or more pairs.)
Middle wheel drive belts, each $24.00
($45.00 for 2)
Table loom wing screws, each $3.00
Reeds. A small stock remains, prices for each
10": 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 d.p.i. $42.25
16": 6, 8, 10, 12. 15 d.p.i $67.60
23": 6 d.p.i. $97.20
36": 15 d.p.i. $152.10
45": 6 d.p.i. $190.00
Loom cord, per yard $1.10
Beaming cord, per yard $1.37
Straight (arrow) pegs, each $0.57
Anchor (two legs) pegs, each $0.65
7", Airloom, Mimi, Carolyn looms, per 100 $22.10
8", Julie looms, per 100 $22.10
8 5/8", 9 3/8", per 100 $22.10
10 1/2", 16s and 24s Margaret looms, per 100 $23.10
11", per 100 $23.10
12 1/2", Gertrude and Kirsten looms, per 100 $23.10
13", per 100 $25.35
21 1/8", for draw looms, per 100 $28.44
20+ Our 20+ device, unique to Woolhouse Tools, moves the treadle/lam tie-up from between the lams and treadles to the back of the loom. The weaver sits at the rear of the loom and does the complete tie-up from there. Doing the tie-up becomes an easy and pleasant occasion. We call the device 20+ because it adds 20 years of weaving to a weaver's weaving life.

We offer the 20+ as an add-on for looms other than our Kirsten and Gertrude looms. 20+ can be added to most countermarch looms, the main requirement is that the loom's treadles be hinged at the rear.

How it works: In a standard countermarch loom there's one tie-up cord for each treadle eye. The weaver raises each tie-up cord to the required upper or lower lam and pegs the tie-up cord in place there. For 20+, each tie-up cord becomes two long cords, one from the upper lam and one from the lower. The cords, in pairs, descend to the treadles, and run to a pegboard at the loom's rear.

The peg columns are in pairs, left--higher--for upper lams, right--lower--for lower lams.To do a tie-up the weaver simply tugs on the appropriate cord and pegs it. The cords not engaged are left slack. The picture shows cords in place for the most left treadle only.
The pricing formula is in two parts, a base price for all kits plus a price relating to the loom's number of shafts and treadles. The formula: Base Price + (shafts x treadles x tie-up price) + applicable taxes + 10% packing and shipping. For a sample price please see FAQ No. 1.

The 20+ kit consists of a pegboard custom built and drilled for your loom, the woodwork and hardware required to attach the device to your loom, a complete set of new lam to peg-board tie-up cords cut to length, two sizes and sets of screw eyes for your treadles and treadle beam, Texsolv straight pegs for every hole in the pegboard, and no-cuss instructions.

You supply the ability to use an electric hand drill, a capacity to follow instructions to the letter, treadles hinged at the rear floor loom, and a profound desire to add 20 years to your weaving life.

Cdn$ Packing, Postage, & Insurance Charges
on orders totalling up to
$20.00 - -
on orders totalling from
$20.01 to $50.00
$17.00 on orders totalling from $50.01 to $100.00
$19.50 on orders totalling from $100.01 to $200.00
on orders totalling
$200.01 and up -
20+ Price

Base $162.00 + Shafts x Treadles x $5.10 (see FAQ for example)

Always ask for a quote. When asking, let us know your loom's make, number of shafts and treadles, and your address. We will adjust for the US$

For inquiries, please email: