About Woolhouse Tools

All items with our Woolhouse Tools mark are designed and built in our workshop. Apart from nuts and bolts hardware, the only parts we buy ready-made are springs, reeds, and Texsolv items. Proprietors and the entire working staff are John and Teruko Low, helped occasionally by friends and relations.

Our wood is birch cut in the valleys of the North Okanagan hills nearby. We ourselves choose our logs or standing trees, and hire fallers, sawyers, and truckers to carry home the timber we need to build our equipment. We air dry the rough wood under roofs outside, one year per inch of thickness, and then mill it ourselves.

We study our designs and other maker's designs constantly, always looking to build you, our customers, the best weaving and spinning tools found anywhere, at the most reasonable prices.

Our workshop and showroom are on our country acreage about five hours drive northeast of Vancouver, B.C. We do welcome visits by those interested in our equipment, but visitors should call in advance. We can be away to a weaver's convention, or busy in the garden, our summer indulgence.

Our simple guarantee is this: if you are unsatisfied with what you purchase and return the goods within sixty days, we will refund all you have sent us.